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Works Cited Faurschou, A., & Wulf, H. (2007, April). The relation between sun protection factor and amount of suncreen applied in vivo. British Journal of Dermatology , 156(4), 716- 719. O'Connor, A. (2007). With Sunscreens, high SPF ratings are best. The New York Times , 1. Osterwalder, U., Herzog, B. (2009). Sun protection factors: world wide confusion.
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Unformatted text preview: British Journal of Dermatology, 161, 13-24 Saraiya, M. (2004). Interventions to prevent skin cancer by reducing exposure to ultraviolet radiation: A systematic review . American Journal of Preventive Medicine , 27(5), 422-466. Skin cancer; Recent advances make sunscreen more effective and easier to use. (2008, May 23). Drug Week , 2640....
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