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Unformatted text preview: M3710: Linear Algebra Instructor: Phoebe McLaughlin Fall, 2011 Hint for Quiz 3 (1.8-1.9) 1. Define A) with Find where . Let . . See Section 1.8 Example 1a B) Determine if is one-to-one. Explain why. are not linearly independent because the 2nd Columns of column is not a scalar multiple of the 1st column. Hence is not one-to-one (See also 1.9 Example 4) 2. Assume that maps into A) is a horizontal shear transformation that leaves unchanged and . Find the standard matrix of . (Also see 1.9 Exercises 3 & 4) B) Determine if is onto. Explain why. every row of (See also Section 1.9 Examples 4 & 5) has a pivot position is onto ...
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