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Test 2_121_reminder

Test 2_121_reminder - M3710 Linear Algebra Instructor...

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Unformatted text preview: M3710: Linear Algebra Instructor: Phoebe McLaughlin Fall 2011 Reminder for Test 2 (1.8-3.3) 1.8 Introduction to Linear Transformation Definition of linear transformation Find all vectors ¡ in the domain that are mapped into the zero vector by a matrix transformation 1.9 The Matrix of a Linear Transformation Find the standard matrix of a linear transformation Definitions: a transformation that is onto, one-to-one Determine if a linear transformation if onto, one-o-one Prove Theorem 11 Apply Theorem 12 2.1 Matrix Operations Compute matrix sum and product Apply Theorems 1 and 2 Determine the size of a matrix and compute powers of a Matrix Find the transpose of a matrix and apply Theorem 3 2.2 The Inverse of a Matrix Definitions: invertible and singular matrices Prove: the inverse of a matrix is unique (p. 103), Exercises 2.2.8, and 2.2.16 Apply Theorem 4 and find the determinant of a 2 × 2 matrix Apply Theorem 5 to solve a system of linear equations...
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