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The United Nations Tiffany N. Watt Senior International Business – BA 421 November 13, 2011
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The United Nations The United Nations (UN) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating cooperation in international law, international security, economic development, social progress, human rights, and achievement of world peace. Following the end of World War II in 1945, the UN was formed to replace the League of Nations and to put an end to wars between countries. It was founded by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. The UN also wanted to provide a platform for dialogue. It contains multiple subsidiary organizations to carry out its missions. The work of the United Nations reaches every corner of the globe. Although best known for peacekeeping, peace-building, conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance, there are many other ways the United Nations and its system (specialized agencies, funds and programs) affect our lives and make the world a better place. The League of Nations failed to prevent World War II (1939–1945). Because of the widespread recognition that humankind could not afford a third world war, the United Nations was established to replace the flawed League of Nations in 1945 in order to maintain international peace and promote cooperation in solving international economic, social and humanitarian problems. The earliest concrete plan for the formation of a new world organization started in late 1939 under the support of the U.S. State Department. The name United Nations was coined by President Roosevelt in 1941 to describe the
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The United Nations - The United Nations Tiffany N Watt...

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