Chapter 3 - Part II: People Although a number of people are...

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Part II: People Although a number of people are involved in a single data warehousing project, there are three key roles that carry enormous responsibilities. Negligence in carrying out any of these three roles can easily derail a well-planned data warehousing initiative. This section of the book therefore focuses on the Project Sponsor, the Chief Information Officer, and the Project Manager and seeks to answer the questions frequently asked by individuals who have accepted the responsibilities that come with these roles. Project Sponsor. Every data warehouse initiative has a Project Sponsor—a high-level executive who provides strategic guidance, support, and direction to the data warehousing project. The Project Sponsor ensures that project objectives are aligned with enterprise objectives, resolves organizational issues, and usually obtains funding for the project. Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CIO is responsible for the effective deployment of information technology resources and staff to meet the strategic, decisional, and operational information requirements of the enterprise. Data warehousing, with its accompanying array of new technology and its dependence on operational systems, naturally makes strong demands on the physical and human resources under the jurisdiction of the CIO, not only during design and development but also during maintenance and subsequent evolution. Project Manager. The warehouse Project Manager is responsible for all technical activities related to implementing a data warehouse. Ideally, an IT professional from the enterprise fulfills this critical role. It is not unusual, however, for this role to be outsourced for early or pilot projects, because of the newness of warehousing technologies and techniques.
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Chapter 3. The Project Sponsor Before the Project Sponsor becomes comfortable with the data warehousing effort, quite a number of his or her questions and concerns will have to be addressed. This chapter attempts to provide answers to questions frequently asked by Project Sponsors. How Will a Data Warehouse Affect our Decision-Making Processes? It is naïve to expect an immediate change to the decision-making processes in an organization when a data warehouse first goes into production. End users will initially be occupied more with learning how to use the data warehouse than with changing the way they obtain information and make decisions. It is also likely that the first set of predefined reports and queries supported by the data warehouse will differ little from existing reports. Decision-makers will experience varying levels of initial difficulty with the use of the data warehouse; proper usage assumes a level of desktop computing skills, data knowledge, and business knowledge. Desktop computing skills.
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Chapter 3 - Part II: People Although a number of people are...

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