Chapter 16 - Chapter 16. Warehousing Trends This chapter...

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Chapter 16. Warehousing Trends This chapter takes a look at trends in the data warehousing industry and their possible implications on future warehousing projects. Continued Growth of the Data Warehouse Industry The data warehousing industry continues to grow in terms of spending, product availability and projects. Our research efforts indicate that up to 90 percent of multi-national companies will have data warehouses or are planning to build one by 1999. The size of the market is expected to grow rapidly, doubling in spending roughly once every two years until the year 2000. The number of data warehouse vendors continues to increase, as does the number of available warehousing products. Such a trend, however, may abate in the face of market consolidation, which began in the mid-1990s and continues to this day. Small companies with compatible products can be seen merging (e.g., the November 1997 merger of Apertus Technologies and Carleton Corporation) to create larger, more competitive warehouse players. Larger, established corporations have set objectives of becoming end-to-end warehouse solutions providers and are acquiring technologies from niche players to fulfill these goals (e.g., the February 1998 acquisition of Intellidex Systems by Sybase and the March 1998 acquisition of Logic Works by Platinum Technologies). Partnerships and alliances between vendors continue to be popular. The increasing maturity of the warehousing software market is inevitably turning warehouse software into off-the-shelf packages that can be pieced together. Already companies are positioning groups of products (their own or a combination of products from multiple vendors) as integrated warehousing solutions. Increased Adoption of Warehousing Technology by More Industries The industries to first adopt data warehousing technologies have been the telecommunications, banking, and retail vertical markets. The impetus for their early adoption of warehousing
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Chapter 16 - Chapter 16. Warehousing Trends This chapter...

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