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S uppo rt pe rs o nal m ining re latio ns hips de ale

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Unformatted text preview: r mining e quipme nt. s uppo rt, pe rs o nal m ining re latio ns hips , de ale r • Inde pe nde nt Inde p e rfo rmanc e and d e ale rs are ke y to full, ho ne s t, and s uc c e s s fre que nt • De ale r ne two rk is De c o mmunic atio ns linke d via Definition • Va lue De live ry Ne twork The ne twork ma de up of the The c ompa ny, s upplie rs , dis tributors , a nd u ltima te ly cus tome rs who “pa rtne r” with e a ch othe r to improve the pe rforma nce of the e ntire s ys te m. pe Nature & Importance of Marketing Channels • C ha nne l choice s a ffe ct othe r de cis ions Cha in the ma rke ting mix in P ricing, Ma rke ting communica tions • A s trong dis tribution s ys te m ca n be a compe titive a dva nta ge c ompe • C ha nne l de cis ions involve long-te rm Cha commitme nts to othe r firms c ommitme Nature & Importance of Marketing Channels • How Cha nne l Me mbe rs Add Va lue Inte rme dia rie s re quire fe we r conta cts to...
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