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In this age of information, data warehouses are vital competitive tools. But when your company has so many different datamarts, linking these rich knowledge- centers becomes impossible. Unless you use a dynamic consolidation strategy – like Cognizant’s. Whether your stovepipe data- marts stem from a merger or acquisition. Or simply come from working in a large organization with many busi- ness units. Cognizant can design a consolidation solution customized to meet your unique knowledge- management needs. In fact, our onsite/offshore business model is exception- ally and strategically well suited to deliver the labor intensive capabilities data consolidation demands – without blowing your IT budget. Knowledge-rich. Budget-wise. Consolidating a proliferation of datamarts requires massive amounts of time and talent. By executing a portion of your data warehousing work in India, Cognizant provides the in-depth IT resources required. Around-the-clock. Seven-days-a-week. Which includes the long hours of hand coding needed to get individual datamarts to talk to one another, and to you. Then, of course, there’s the need for frequent refreshing and loading. Metadata synchronization. And the version maintenance required to reflect slowly changing dimensions, so that the cen- tralized view of information you’re working with is always
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datawarehousing - Fact Sheet Data Warehousing Consolidation...

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