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elizabeth midterm study guide - Elizabeth by David Starkey...

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Elizabeth by David Starkey 1. Put monarchs in chronological order: Henry VIII Edward VI Mary I Elizabeth 2. Know who was Catholic and who was Protestant. Catholic: - Mary I - Catherine of Aragon - Philip II of Spain - Mary Queen of Scots - Cardinal Reginald Pole Protestant: - Elizabeth - Edward VI - Anne Boleyn - Catherine Parr - Lady Jane Grey - Edward Seymour, Duke of Somerset * Henry VIII was, at first, a Catholic. After his marriage to Anne Boleyn, he began to accept the new Protestant religion. His church was not as radical as Edward VI’s, and it became the model for what Elizabeth would like her church to be. 3. Know who died naturally and who was executed, and why. Natural deaths: - Mary I - Edward VI - Henry VIII - Catherine of Aragon - Cardinal Reginald Pole - Catherine Parr - Philip II Executed: - Anne Boleyn was accused of adultery and was beheaded by the order of her husband, Henry VIII - Lady Jane Grey was found guilty of treason, and was beheaded along with her husband. - Mary Queen of Scots was executed after being found guilty of treason. - Edward Seymour was beheaded. He was put on trial for treason, but was released. He was later sentenced because of a plan to overthrow the government.
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Understand the role each played in Elizabeth’s life. 1. Mary I: Mary was Elizabeth’s older sister, and daughter of Henry VIII’s first wife, Catherine of Aragon. She and Elizabeth were close for a time during Elizabeth’s childhood and remained close throughout the reign of Edward VI, who was also their brother. When Mary came into power the relationship changed. Mary was threatened by her sister, who was a Protestant. (Mary was a Catholic) Mary was a harsh ruler, persecuting those who did not conform to the new Catholic religion. Elizabeth learned from her sister. Once she came into power, she did not
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elizabeth midterm study guide - Elizabeth by David Starkey...

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