king flight midterm

king flight midterm - 1. Know how the kings flight...

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1. Know how the king’s flight occurred: Marie Antoinette and Madame de Tourzel (the children’s aristocratic governess) woke the children, and told their nurses of the departure. The children were put in disguises, both dressed as girls. The nurses were lead out of the palace and to a waiting carriage. Tourzel and the royal children slipped out when they knew a large group of servants were leaving the palace and walked to the carriage, which was driven by Axel von Ferson. Ferson drove around the city and then returned to the same spot. Elizabeth (Louis XVI’s sister), in disguise, escaped next out of a secret door built into the woodwork. Louis, in order to leave next, was held up by a surprise visit from General Lafayette and the Mayor of Paris. After they were gone, Louis excused himself to bed, dismissed his servants, and then changed into his disguise. Cane in hand, Louis crossed the courtyard to the waiting carriage. The Queen was the last to escape, and was almost seen by Lafayette. The royal family wanted to avoid the popular neighborhoods of Paris where activity went on well into the late hours of the night and suspicions ran high. They reached the berline (bigger coach that was made), boarded, and the smaller coach was pushed into a ditch. The family moved on, reaching a relay post to switch out horses. Other than a wheel hitting a stone and a 45-repair job, the ride went off without a hitch. Louis looked over maps and an itinerary, and Marie went over the roles they were each going to assume. They, however, eventually got bored with this and began to take off their hats and veils and lower their blinds to observe the people in the towns. The King would even exit the berline at relay posts to talk to people about the weather and the crops, which their 3 bodyguards tried to discourage. Louis was recognized many times, but was allowed to pass because of people’s uncertainty; however, once messengers began to arrive from Paris confirming the King’s escape and announcing the National Assembly’s decree to stop him, municipal
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king flight midterm - 1. Know how the kings flight...

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