The French Revolution

The French Revolution - The French Revolution: The Moderate...

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The French Revolution: The Moderate Revolution, 1789-91 I. Enlightenment, cont’d A. The Geography of the Enlightenment Density of thinkers, books, salons greatest in western Europe. Comes a bit later to eastern Europe, where population density and commerce are less, censorship and subsistence-level poverty greater. Makes very few roads into Russia or Balkans. B. Enlightened Absolutists Frederick the Great (Prussia Peter the Great (Russia Catherine the Great (Russia Joseph II (Austria Louis XVI (France)??? Absolutism share with Enlightenment: rationalizing, universalizing, semi- meritocratic worldview; emphasis on efficiency and utility; toleration or attempt to limit the church’s powers. C. Enlightenment v. Absolutism Absolutists do not want to destroy the system of privileges, or be restrained by laws. Here, reform must come from above. Locke: Sovereignty of the people and right to rebel against tyranny Voltaire: Ecrasez l’infame! Rousseau: the social contract can be remade D. ‘Guttersnipe Enlightenment’
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Rumors, ‘affairs’ The Affair of the Vanishing Children (1765); Diamond Necklace Affair, 1785 Accusations: the King is corrupt; the Queen rules the roost (and France has Declined); the priests are debauchered Transmission: songs, stories, popular newssheets, underground books. E. Enlightenment and Revolution
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The French Revolution - The French Revolution: The Moderate...

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