Timeline - Glorious revolution- 1688 Defenestration of...

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Timeline Fall of bastille- 1789 Battle of Jena- 1806 The terror- 1793 Execution of Charles I of England- 1649 Peace of Augsburg- 1555 Peace of Westphalia- 1648 Peace of Tilsit- 1807 French Wars of Religion- 1563 Wars of Louis XIV- 1688 Napoleon becomes emporer- 1804 Luthers appearance at the diet of worms- 1521
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Unformatted text preview: Glorious revolution- 1688 Defenestration of Prague- 1618 Battle of the Nations- 1813 Congress of Vienna- 1815 Council of Trent- 1560 Invention of the spinning jenny- 1764 Invention of the iron horse- 1830...
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