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What is western civilization? What is the west? A lot to do with the cold war Calues like democracy, religious, tolerance, rule of law, etc. Barbaros (barbaric)- people who didn’t speak greek Infidels-people who weren’t Christian Europeans thought they were better than everyone. o Excluded from the west-Italy and Germany Rule of law- some born aristocrats, peasants Europe in 1500: life in an insignificant backwater 1. Europe 1500 A. Geography and economics Europe in the world- smaller, diverse, language barriers Europes climate-moderate, long growing season, good rainfall, diverse crops Commerce- mostly local life, oversea trade, gold, spices, sugar
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Unformatted text preview: • Europe is Chrstendom B. Social structure: Society of Orders 1. living the rural, feudal life 2. towns and cities 3. women’s lives C. Everyday life 1. life expectancy; housing, property, food, clothing, disease D. Culture . the Renaissance the printing press E. Europe and the world 1. Europe as a backwater 2. 1453, 1492, 1498: Europes new horizons new world found on accident demographics and the legacy of the Black Death • devastated and reduced the population • reduced the supply of labor for next generation • waning of the high middle ages, the little ice age, and the Bubonic Plague (14 th century)...
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