Franz Joseph Quiz-1

Franz Joseph Quiz-1 - For the quiz and the second midterm,...

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For the quiz and the second midterm, you should be able to answer the following questions. Do not worry about the detail Palmer includes, but focus instead on the kind of Emperor Franz Joseph was, and what the challenges were he had to face during his 67-year rule. Here are some 'big picture' questions to help guide your reading. 1. What kind of a man was Franz Joseph? What were the skills he possessed (or learned) that helped him rule his Empire for 67 years? What were his limitations? Franz was brought up by his mother to be a future Emperor with emphasis on devotion, responsibility, and diligence. He came to idolize his grandfather who had died before his fifth birthday as the ideal monarch. At the age of 13 he became a colonel in the Austrian army and used the skills he learned there to help rule his empire. Accepted without question all he was told by the superiors he admired, such as Marshal. Respected musical virtuosity, not originality in composition. His education made him a perfectionist in matters of detail. Heavy sense of duty and discipline. The interests which Francis Joseph retained in later life were shaped by the fashions of his boyhood. From an early age, much time was spent absorbing facts presented to him by his tutors, but there was no stirring of intellectual curiosity. Even though he had an excellently trained memory, his mind was not disposed to analyze ideas or to question acknowledged truths. These limitations remained with Francis throughout his life. Wanted the empire to be run by people like him, no stange imagination, that didn’t get angry, didn’t change much. Franz couldn’t
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Franz Joseph Quiz-1 - For the quiz and the second midterm,...

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