Revolutionary Russia

Revolutionary Russia - Revolutionary Russia I A Russian...

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Revolutionary Russia I. Russian before 1914 Enormous empire, large number of poles, ukraines, etc. around 123 million people, about 44% fully Russian extremely harsh censorship. Criticizers of the government sent to re-education camps in Siberia to educate them about the regime. Autocrats, peasants, radicals Autocracy: The Czars’ refusal to reform The peasants from the end of serfdom to 1905 - land hunger The radicals: anarchists and socialists A. Russian socialism The Second International and the split between Bolsheviks (“the majority”) and Mensheviks (“the minority”) in 1902 Lenin, leader of the Bolsheviks (later ‘reds’) Lenin’s 1902 treatise, “What is to be done?” Reformist socialism- decide best way to achieve goals is through parliament. o Believe this is the only way to seek change Revolutionary socialists- believed that one could not
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work for the large revolution to eliminate this, and establish a utopia among the working class o Associated with the Bolsheviks- most represented by Lenin o Lenin anxious to set Russian on a revolutionary path. Lenin had a new answer: the working class tended not to want to wait for a big revolution. They wanted slower forms of achievement, not the bloody revolution of the communist revolution. o Lenin’s plan was to be the spark that would ignite the revolution. Hoped to put the working class on center stage B. Russia’s Revolution of 1905 Russo-Japanese War, 1904-5 “Bloody Sunday” o demostrators were shot down by the Czars militia in an attempt to peacefully protest corruption and ask for change- The Spark o led to working class strikes Russian Revolution of 1905 Calling of the Duma; forming of zemstvos, soviets o Czar grants the people a Duma, or representative assembly of the people. o
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Revolutionary Russia - Revolutionary Russia I A Russian...

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