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LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY HUEC 1000 Spring 2012 Course Description HUEC 1000 Human Ecology as a Profession (3). Attributes which identify human ecology as a profession; historical and philosophical view of its mission, interrelationship of its various specializations, and competencies and commitments necessary in the various specializations. Course Objectives 1. To interpret human development and behavior using the systems approach. 2. To identify developmental stages of the life cycle and the primary tasks and changes with which diverse families cope with each. 3. To identify the processes individuals and families use to identify, allocate, and distribute resources to attain goals and achieve the quality of life desired. 4. To relate the importance of good nutrition to physical well being and health. 5. To identify principles, elements and new techniques in apparel construction and merchandising and to relate this to the design, production and purchase of apparel. 6. To understand design, production and merchandising of textile products and the effect of government actions to segments of the population. 7. To recognize the interrelatedness of the specializations and their contributions to the overall purpose and mission of human ecology. 8. To examine the role of human ecology in higher education especially the Land Grant system. 9. To recognize possibilities for professional achievement within the human ecology profession. 10. To examine current issues in human ecology in a diverse, global society. 11. To explore future directions for the human ecology profession. Text none required School of Human Ecology Website www.huec.lsu.edu Instructors Mrs. Elva B. Bourgeois Bourgeois will teach the history/career information, family information and clothing information, record all grades, assign the course grade and handle the disability students with their requests for accommodations Phone: 225-578-1728 Office: 133 Human Ecology Building Email - [email protected]
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Mrs. Jo Ann Puls Puls will coordinate the nutrition information Phone: 225-578-3661 Office: 205 Knapp Hall email – [email protected] Email - is for emergencies only, not to ask a question about clarification of a topic discussed in class. Office hours are for clarification of information you did not understand in the lecture.
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spring_2012_syllabus-2 - LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITY HUEC...

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