Matlab Assignment 02

Matlab Assignment 02 - inputs of annual interest rate,...

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EE 3120 Fall 2004 Matlab Project 1 Due September 29, 2004 Read through Matlab Session 2 sections M2.1-M2.3 on pp 227-231 1. Reproduce all of the script .mfiles and function .m files in order to produce the plot of Figure M2.2. 2. Create a function that will return a monthly payment for a loan payoff, given
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Unformatted text preview: inputs of annual interest rate, initial loan amount, and number of monthly payments. 3. Use Matlab and create a .m file to plot y [ n ] for the digital integrator designed in Example 3.6 using T = 25 s. a. x [ n ] = u [ n ] b. x [ n ] is a sampled 10 kHz sinusoid....
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