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Kevin Klein EE 3530 Feedback Control of Ball and Beam System This project was to design a control system that would be able to control the position of a ball on a beam. The beam will move up and down to control the position of the ball. The picture below is an illustration of the ball and beam system. The setup of this project consists of two subsystems: (1) a mechanical part and (2) a DC motor. The mechanical part of the system includes the ball that moves along the beam that pivots on one end. The DC motor subsystem is the moving of the beam using a gear box and a lever arm. So when these two systems are combined with the correct parameters one would be able to control the position of the ball on the beam. Determination of the DC motor parameters In the first part of the project we found the parameters of the DC motor. The transfer function of the DC motor is G DC (s)=Am / (s(Tm s +1)). From this transfer function we can get the step response to an armature voltage Vo, θ (t)=AmVot-AmVoTm+AmVoTme -(-t/Tm) . To find the values of Am and Tm we used the experimental measurements of the DC motor response when the armature voltage is a step of 8 volts. The following is a block diagram of the DC servo unit.
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Feedback_Control_Of_Ball_and_Beam_System[1] - Kevin Klein...

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