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Project 2 - Matthew Quintana EE-3530 Project II Based on...

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Matthew Quintana EE-3530 Project II: Based on Project I December 13, 2002
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SUMMARRY The purpose of Project I was to derive a mathematical model for the DC motor. Then we did an analysis of the transfer function with respect to J L (moment of inertia for a load). And after employing feedback, describe the frequency shape of the sensitivity for the feedback system. Finally we found simplified models (i) by omitting the electrical subsystem in modeling, and (ii) eliminating the non-dominant poles. The DC motor model obtained is Project I: G(s) = b , s 4 + a 1 s 3 + a 2 s 2 + a 3 s + a 4 b=5x10 8 a 1 =139.4615 a 2 =17884.6154 a 3 =1.29385x10 6 a 4 =32x10 6 INTRODUCTION For Project II we are going to design a unity feedback control system. There are two main parts to this project. The first part includes design of a PID compensator using either pole/zero cancellation and approximation or using ultimate gain method as in Ziegler-Nichols tuning. We must have a 12% overshot and a settling time error of 4%. Part II is to analyze the performance of the design. The system will be analyzed in terms of (a) Transient performance and steady state performance, (b) Sensitivity requirement based on Project I, (c) Disturbance rejection in low frequency range, and (d) Noise rejection in high frequency range. PART I
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Project 2 - Matthew Quintana EE-3530 Project II Based on...

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