ControlsProject1(soco) - D = tf(num2,den2 xfr =(D*G(1 D*G...

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%1. design a PID conpensator using Ulimate Gain method as in Ziegler- Nichols tuning. % Mp <= 12% % Ts of 4% error % steady state error to unit ramp input % b = 5*10^8 a1 = 139.4615 a2 = 17884.6154 a3 = 1.29385*10^6 a4 = 32*10^6 k = .0957050653 num = [b] den= [1 a1 a2 a3 a4] %plant G of the system G=tf(num,den) x = (k*G) y = (1+(k*G)) %plotting the plant of the system inorder to %find a K value that will produce an output that is sinusoudal. step(x/y),grid pause % calculating the parameters for the PID controller D. pu = .065 kp = .6*k ti = .5*pu td = (1/8)*pu %Transfer function of the PID controller, D. den2 = [ti kp*ti*td 0] num2 = [ti*1 0]
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Unformatted text preview: D = tf(num2,den2); xfr = ((D*G)/(1+D*G)) step(xfr) pause %Paul's version of the step response of the transfer function %x = series(D,G) %H = feedback(x,1,-1) %step(H) %pause %analyze the sensitivity of the function sens = (1/(1+D*G)) step(sens) pause bode(sens) pause %Disturbance rejection numw = [1] denw = [1 0 0] ws = tf(numw,denw) dstxfr = (G/(1+D*G)) step(dstxfr) pause %Disturbance rejection dstxfr = (G/(1+D*G)) bode(dstxfr) pause %Noise rejection nsxfr = (-(D*G)/(1+D*G)) bode(nsxfr) pause step(xfr,sens,dstxfr,nsxfr) %[mag,phase,w] = bode(G) %loglog(w,mag) %bode(G{0 10000})...
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ControlsProject1(soco) - D = tf(num2,den2 xfr =(D*G(1 D*G...

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