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Unformatted text preview: 17-1 Chapter 17 Ancillary Issues In Drives: Sensors, ASICs, MicroControllers Exit 2001 by N. Mohan Print TOC " ! 17-2 Sensors ! Current sensors "Hall-Effect sensors (DC to high frequency) ! Speed and Position Sensors "Hall-Effect "Optical "Magnetic "Magnetic resolvers "Incremental encoders (optical or magnetic) vB θ Lightreciever circuit LED rotor Magnetic Resolver Exit 2001 by N. Mohan vA Lens Rotating Stationary coated wheel aperture plate with slots Optical encoder TOC " ! 17-3 ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), MicroControllers, and FPGAs Rapid-Prototyping Tools Exit 2001 by N. Mohan TOC " ! 17-4 Summary/Review ! ! ! ! Exit 2001 by N. Mohan What types of sensors are generally needed? What are ASICs? What are micro-controllers and FPGAs? What are the advantages of rapid-prototyping tools? TOC " ! ...
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