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Unformatted text preview: CD (Year 2003 Edition) for the book: Electric Drives: An Integrative Approach (Year 2003 Edition) By N. Mohan Click here to continue Exit 2001 by N. Mohan ! To use this CD: Click the buttons on the toolbar of each screen: Print " ! TOC On chapter heading slides, print all the chapter slides Exit 2001 by N. Mohan Transfer to the Table of Contents Navigate through the chapter slides Click here to continue ! Table of Contents Click on a chapter number to view it Chapter 1 Introduction to Electric Drive Systems Chapter 2 Understanding Mechanical System Requirements for Electric Drives Chapter 3 Review of Basic Electric Circuits Chapter 4 Basic Understanding of Switch-Mode Power Electronic Converters in Electric Drives Chapter 5 Magnetic Circuits Chapter 6 Basic Principles of Electro-mechanical Energy Conversion Chapter 7 DC-Motor Drives and Electronically-Commutated Motor Drives Chapter 8 Designing Feedback Controllers for Motor Drives Chapter 9 Introduction to AC Machines and Space Vectors Chapter 10 Sinusoidal Permanent Magnet AC (Brushless DC) Drives, LCI-Synchronous Motor Drivers, and Synchronous Generators Click here to continue Exit 2001 by N. Mohan ! Table of Contents Click on a chapter number to view it Chapter 11 Induction-Motors: Balance, Sinusoidal Steady State Operation Chapter 12 Induction-Motor Drives: Speed Control Chapter 13 Vector Control of Induction-Motor Drives: A Qualitative Examination Chapter 14 Reluctance Drives: Stepper-Motor and Switched-Reluctance Drives Chapter 15 Energy Efficiency of Electric Drives and Inverter-Motor Interactions Chapter 16 Powering Electric Drives: Power Quality Issues Chapter 17 ancillary Issues in Drives: Sensors, ASIC’s, and Micro-Controllers Exit 2001 by N. Mohan ! ! ! ! Click here to go back ...
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