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HW5_4002 - m = 45 from turning 2 The permanent magnet...

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EE 4002: Homework #5 Name …………………….. Due day: 11.24.2004 1. In a 3-phase, 2-pole, brushless DC motor, the torque constant k T = 0.5 N·m/A and the voltage constant k E = 0.5 V/(rad/s). The synchronous inductance is 15 mH and the stator resistance is negligible. Calculate the phase currents if the motor is to produce a counter-clockwise holding torque of 5 N·m to keep the rotor, which is at an angle of θ
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Unformatted text preview: m = - 45 , from turning. 2. The permanent magnet machine of problem 1. is supplying a load torque T L = 5 N·m at a speed of 5 000 rpm. Draw a phasor diagram showing a V and a I , along with their calculated values. 3. Repeat Problem 2. if the machine has p = 4, but has the same values of k E , k T , and L s as before. 4. Repeat Problem 3., assuming that at time t = 0, the rotor angle θ m = 0 ....
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