mass comm notes - Worried that people were receiving...

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Annie Figliulo Mass Communication Notes 11/8 Instruction Theory —(McPhail) People tend to follow instructions o This includes self instructions If conflicting instructions, then people tend to follow the modal category o Modal- one with the most people or most commonly said If no clear modal instruction, people tend to follow the last instruction given. Pseudo Event- Event or activity that exists for the sole purpose of publicity Substitute for reality Meant for consumption Ambiguous Self fulfilling prophecy Types of Advertising Information-no manipulation, just info that is handy Social object Emotional problem- satisfied Identification with Mass Society Theory TV and radio is speaking directly to the people o We can’t let the masses decide what the world is like (democracy)
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Unformatted text preview: Worried that people were receiving messages directly from mass media Social Control Surveillance Identifiably Accountability Formal social control Coercion Repression Ideological o Censorship- Control hearts and minds o Propaganda- control of the production of ideas o Control of diffusion Social Change Awareness of alternatives Diffusion Adoption of alternatives o Other-imposed censorship o Self-imposed censorship Propaganda Strategies (A.M. Lee) Name calling Glittering generalities Transfer Testimony Plain folks Slanting/card stacking Jumping on the band wagon o Creating illusion that everyone is doing it...
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mass comm notes - Worried that people were receiving...

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