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mass communications FINAL!! - Annie Figliulo SOC 343 Mass...

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Annie Figliulo SOC 343- Mass Communication Take-Home Final-Fall 2011 December 16 th 1. In Thomas de Zengotita’s book MEDIATED he notes, “Ask yourself: is there anything you do that remains essentially unmediated, anything you don’t experience reflexively through some commodified representation of it? Think of all the movies and memoirs, philosophies and techniques, self-help books, counselors, [TV] programs, presentations, workshops. Think of the fashionable vocabularies generated by those venues, and think of how all this conditions your experience. Ask yourself: if I were to strip away all those influences, could I conceive of my life?” Considering this question, discuss how we have become mediated. Does this make a difference? Explain. People in our society have become mediated in all ways. Most of the way that we live our day- to-day lives has influence of media and the representations that the media presents of these activities. We have become immersed by the media and technology, so much so that others know our own activities just as well as we know what others are doing in society. We have been mediated in the way that technology has consumed our thoughts about the world. We act based on technology, and we think based on technology. The media represents our thoughts and actions by explaining how society feels about certain beliefs, so we therefore have opinions surrounding how we think about certain actions and ideas. The media influences our every move. We have become reliant on media and technology for information and entertainment. Everything in society—ideas, thoughts, beliefs, and actions—is shared through the media. Our thoughts are consumed by the thoughts of the media, based on the ideas that are presented to us. As a society, we have been influenced by each other and we will continue to be. All of our experienced have been conditioned by the media’s thoughts on the experience. It is near impossible to do something for our own selves nowadays without having prior knowledge of the experience of the same thing for someone else because of our immense sharing and flowing of
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information in our society. We have been mediated by allowing ourselves to become so involved in the media, and by contributing to the media ourselves. Busyness is a part of our world today, and media is a huge part of this. We have been mediated by the shows that become popular on television, the news stories that we hear, the types of clothes we wear, and even the type of music we listen to. Society has role models to look up to, and celebrities to model after, all because of the idea of us being mediated. Our society is based off media, and without media, we would be a whole different society. Our culture is immersed in the actions of others, and these actions
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mass communications FINAL!! - Annie Figliulo SOC 343 Mass...

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