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PR Campaign Notes - Public Relations Campaign Notes 1/25...

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Public Relations Campaign Notes 1/25 Public Relations: A good will to an organization Management of information for organizations Presenting a positive image of an organization Promotion of events/products Open line of communication (dissonant messages) Inform the public of the organization’s goals and events To inform the public’s information in terms of what they want to know Crisis management Persuade others to think in certain way in regards to an organization/client Cultivate relationships with mass media Handle social media relations Implement strategies and tactics Spin-doctor: negative nickname for PR practitioners meaning that they spin the facts to make organization stronger Other words for us: public affairs, publicity Public relations : (definition) to manage a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and its publics Public Relations Campaign: systematic sets of PR activities each with a finite and specific purpose while sustained over a length of time and dealing with objectives associated with a particular issue Organizations  publics (message) PR Campaigns (trying to fix the noise which is the PR problem) (feedback) (noise) PR situation…the one causes the problem/situation Values : fundamental beliefs for principles and standards
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PR Campaign Notes - Public Relations Campaign Notes 1/25...

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