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SOC 101 FINAL – Study Guide I. Format: ( The exam will list the author’s name and the title of the article.) A. Short Answer Questions (choice of 6 out of 9 or 10): You should be able to answer these in a paragraph or two. B. Essay Question (1 essay, which you must do): The essay has 3 parts. You should write at least a couple of paragraphs for EACH SECTION. II. What NOT to study : The following readings will NOT be on exam: Kingsley Davis, Extreme Isolation Eric Anderson, Varieties of Masculinity in Male Cheerleading Rachel Campbell, Teenage Girls and Cellular Phones Nicole Woolsey Biggart, Charismatic Capitalism: Direct Selling Organizations in America . III. What to study? A. Lecture material (lecture outlines) You need to understand the major points and concepts of lectures. B. Readings You MUST know the READINGS for the exam, and how they relate to lecture material! When reviewing the readings think about: - What is the main point of author? - How does he/she make that point? (examples and research that support the argument) - How does the article relate to concepts in class? On the next few pages are the major topics we’ve covered and some questions to think about as you study. 1
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WEEK 7: Socialization: Development of the Self I. Socialization: Development of the Self A. Understanding Socialization B. Childhood Socialization: Biology vs. Social Experience Cases of Social Isolation Kingsley DAVIS article [NOT ON EXAM] - You need to have a basic understanding of how social experience is important for childhood development. II. Theories of Socialization (Childhood) A. Note on psychological theories [NOT ON EXAM] B. Symbolic Interaction Theory (sociological) C. Symbolic Interaction and Gender Roles Example: CAHILL article Example: ANDERSON article [ NOT ON EXAM] Example: CAMPBELL article [ NOT ON EXAM] Film: Killing Us Softly [NOT ON EXAM] - What are the major aspects of Symbolic Interaction Theory? - How does childhood socialization happen, according to this theory? - The article by Cahill shows how socialization to gender roles happens for children at specific ages/stages and in specific contexts. You should have a good understanding of this articles and how it illustrates aspects of the socialization process. - How do we learn gender roles? WEEK 8: Deviance I. What is Deviance? A. Deviance B. Deviance is Socially Constructed - This is background information – it may be useful, but will not be on exam specifically. II. Crime and Consequences A. Crime and Deviance B. Social Patterns of Crime - Again, important background information, here. - You should know general patterns of crime, but NOT specific percentages or numbers. C. Consequences of a Criminal Record
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Soc Final Exam Study Guide - SOC 101 FINAL Study Guide I....

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