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soc exam review 1

soc exam review 1 - SOC 245 Exam 1 Essay Questions Outline...

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SOC 245 Exam 1: Essay Questions Outline 1.“Human behavior involves not just a response to a stimulus but a process – naming – that mediates between the stimulus and response” between a stimulus and a response is our interpretation it is the process of assigning meaning that determines how people feel and act naming: attaching meanings to things through interactions with others since meanings are not inherent in the object itself naming as 3 elements: a label evaluation response naming something is to know it Symbolic Interactionist Perspective (Mead) : ability of humans to sure symbols and significant symbols humans are complex symbol using creatures significant symbols: shared symbols that call up the same thing in “ me as in you” the way a person responses to something depends on how a person interprets that thing which is directly related to how we name it Blumer’s Three Assumptions: 1. Humans act toward a thing on a basis of the meaning 2. Meaning are socially derived 3. Meanings are not fixed and change in and through the course of interaction Examples: Examples from class: flag: is technically a rectangular piece of cloth but symbolizes more bachelor v. spinster left handed (awkward) v. right handed( reliable) 2. Mead and humans as complex symbol users Mead states that the main difference between humans and animals is that humans have the ability to learn complex symbols humans are complex symbol users who interpret the world through the mind”: the manipulation of symbols Symbols: abstract representations of something that can be tangible or intangible and call up the same thing “in me as in you” symbols are significant if they can be shared among people Uses of Complex Symbols: 1. to fantasize, remember and plan by manipulating symbols: vicarious experiences allow us to learn by observing the actions of others and not experience everything ourselves in order to understand something would not be possible to experience love if you could not imagine them when they are not there 2. to distinguish emotions
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the physiological response of shaky stomach and sweaty palms can mean many different things (ie. nausea or love) we need words and meanings in order to discern our feeling of arousal or it may go unnoticed 3. to share emotions all people have a common understand of emotions, but without symbols or words a lot of complex emotions cannot be shared - ie. Capable of conveying simple emotions like anger without words but unable to convey more complex
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soc exam review 1 - SOC 245 Exam 1 Essay Questions Outline...

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