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Religion Final Study Guide - Religion 100 Study Guide 1....

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Religion 100 Study Guide 1. Review Olson and Ward to get a sense of the major themes in each religious tradition. 2. Review the major categories used in the syllabus: e.g., stories, practices, birth/death, sex/marriage/asceticism, the moral life, etc. Stories: many narratives in Hinduism - Oldest from the Vedas text - No one text is mot important: fluid and multiple sources - Level of narratives 1. Narrative Level: plot, characters, events, etc 2. Cosmological Level: creation, cosmic conflicts, endings 3. Psychological level: symbolic of human desires, conflicts, etc 4. Social/ political level: power, hierarchy, politics 5. Theological/ spiritual: gods, rituals, sacred places We know ourselves by the stories we tell Marriage: Christian view - Jesus did not have wife or children not a model for marriage - Complicated mix of wanting to affirm sexual body as gift of creation and not wanting to marry for fear of being exiled - Virginity seen as a form of devotion to Christ Here are five study questions you can use to put together what you have learned: 1. You have been invited by a local Inter-religious Dialogue group to host a public conversation with a leading Christian and Hindu practitioner. Your task is to put together three discussion questions you can ask them that will help get on the table some of the major areas where their respective religions resemble each other and differ from each other. List your three questions and write an explanation for why you have selected each
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Religion Final Study Guide - Religion 100 Study Guide 1....

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