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Sociology: scientific or systematic study of human social behavior American Sociology I. Europeans -- fundamental issues of social order and societal change * Trying to discover causes of social problems as a whole II. Americans -- focuses on specific problems e.g. prostitution or juvenile delinquency Treat each problem differently A. W. E. B. DuBois and Robert park were among each leaders of American sociology (**) B. Idea grew that sociology should be a basic science , seeking knowledge only, not an applied science. o 1940-1960: dominated by attempt to develop scientific methods; developed increasingly sophisticated techniques during this too. o 1960's: changed back to focus on due to social event of this term (e.g. war or poverty, racial riots, Vietnam War, etc.) Modern sociology is a diverse discipline today. 1. Both a basic and applied science 2. Use both objective and subjective methods 3. Employ several theoretical perspectives III. Major Perspectives
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