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I. Sociological Imagination * C. Wright Mills -- ability to see impact of immediate past, terms of impact of social forces on our lives, and make sense of it in reference to now. 1. Attempt to establish historical sense in combination with culturally anthropological insight 2. i.e., dispel any ethnocentric beliefs or values may hold (Ethnocentrism -- view that one's own views or beliefs are the standards which all ideas or beliefs should be measured by. Social Forces : always at play in daily existence and arise from society we are part of II. Emile Durkheim (French Sociologist) - Late 17th Century Studied the variations of suicide among various countries and various groups Focused on social and not individual facts which explained by utilizing Social Forces Social Integration : degree to which people are tied to a social group -- if there is excessive or inadequate social integration, suicides rates are high Three (3) Types of Suicide 1. Altruistic Suicide : individual is required by norms/values/ rules of group to
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