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Marriage, Families and Intimate Relationships Changing definitions of the word “family”-overlaps with all other cultural universals, especially class and now gender, and with a sense of changing roles— conflicts initially arises when approval of expanded “family” definition arises—really, the expanded definition has been a subculture in the US for centuries: single-parents, mixed families, unmarried spouses, going back to colonial times—social condemnation was stronger—Hester Prynne--now even multiple generations: challenges all roles: mother/mother/grandparents, etc.—generally a unit of affection and/or economics In the U.S., contrary to Henslin’s assertion, there were matrilineal tribe among the Iroquois, for example, who define family in a very different way The depiction of the family is a sign of the dominant culture because single- parents in the workplace, for example, have been prevalent for centuries—illustrates women’s “role” as hearth-tender and baby-maker—families, as we see in
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