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Conflict and Feminist Perspectives

Conflict and Feminist Perspectives - Marriage Families and...

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Marriage, Families and Intimate Relationships Conflict and Feminist Perspectives Functionalist view is inadequate and idealized—families are sources of social inequality, especially reinforcing the inequality of women— Feminists attack patriarchy view and many women resist male domination—only 15% of US families are supported by a sole male earner but the model persists—men begin to construct ideas of masculinity (as a role or norm) –women economic power leads to overall challenges within the family, and within society—independence is a good quality for feminists, but not for functionalists—since families involve domination, there are inherent problems, leading to domestic violence, for example Is the word “family” equivalent to “unequal power”? Is family an authoritarian structure? Is it necessarily so? Both Henslin and Hochshild use housework as a demarcation—who does what, how much and with the changes in society, women work, in effect, a “second shift”— creates both emotion/physical strains, and role strains as well—look at p. 316 for male
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