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RACE AND ETHNICITY Conflict Perspective —focus on how prejudice helps maintain a class in power—a caste system is permanent, while a class system allows mobility--Henslin takes a very class- conscious view of how it affects workers, and how capitalists keep workers divided, creating a reserve labor force of the unemployed—prejudice, as Mills showed, makes dominant workers blame other workers for being unemployed, rather than looking at structural problems—the split labor market , divided by prejudice, keeps workers down —consequences are devastating—a primary sector and a secondary sector—workers use racism to protect their positions Symbolic Interactionists —labels create prejudice, and a self-fulfilling prophecy —negative stereotypes of laziness and dishonesty—the Molly Maguires—N.I.N.A.— sociologists try to evaluate how people respond to different races—the contact hypothesis points out that contacts between people of different groups should lead to a favorable impression—(cf. scene from Crash when Ludacris approaches Sandra Bullock)
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