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SOCIOLOGICAL RESEARCH METHODS CONVENTIONAL RESEARCH MODEL —(pp. 40-47-Kendall; 17-18 Henslin) follows eight basic steps—can be quantified—looking at rates , or patterns, and not at individual acts (as a novelist would, for example)—gives predictability, or tendencies, and possible alteration or prevention—can often use existing data bases as a beginning point--key vocabulary: Theory —a set of logically interrelated statements that attempt to explain, describe and predict social events Deductive approach —researcher begins with a theory and uses research to test the theory —follows this sequence 1. Theories generate hypotheses 2. Hypotheses lead to observations (data gathering) 3. Observations lead to generalizations 4. Generalizations either Support the theory Disprove the theory completely Suggest modification to the theory Inductive approach —researcher starts with a collection of data and then develops a theory/hypothesis Specific observations suggest generalization
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