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Unformatted text preview: THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE David Riesman ( 1909-2002 ) followed Mills in analyzing people in large groups and how an individual copescalled in an obit by Harvard sociology professor Orlando Patterson the last sociologist because he, like Mills, Whyte, Daniel Bell, Nathan Glazer looked at the big picture, not fragmented piecesconsidered all human values, unlike modern sociology which has become disdainful of any exploration of basic human values, meanings, and beliefs Riesman studied under the Lynds and Margaret Mead-- The Lonely Crowd inner-directed and other-directedalso studied high education SYMBOLIC INTERACTIONIST PERSPECTIVE focuses on small groups, a micro level analysisthe face-to-face interaction of humans-- George Henry Mead (1863- 1931) developed this perspective based on an analysis of language (symbolic interaction)-- society is the sum of interactions of individuals and groupsprocess of interaction and the importance of symbolsreality is very subjectivealmost a novelists approach to social...
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