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SOCIALIZATION DAY CARE —new elements as families change—very controversial—many studies about the impact of day care—does day care weaken the family structures and, most importantly is that a bad thing?—can be earlier socialization since nuclear families tend to be more isolated— RELIGION— can be an important element of socialization—even affects belief in socializations since many religions believes personality is divinely created Resocialization —people learn new norms/values/patterns of behavior-- Voluntary resocialization —worker switches jobs or joins a different culture—from intermarriage to joining A.A.-- Involuntary resocialization —a total institution where an individual is isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time and come under the control of the officials who run the institution—people get depersonalized and move into new personality—have to unlearn the previous culture, but the transition period is clearly a conflict— Socialization in the future—who knows?
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