Ethnocentrism - RACE AND ETHNICITY Ethnocentrism-sense that...

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RACE AND ETHNICITY Ethnocentrism —sense that one culture is inherently superior to all others—a great myth is that some races are “smarter” than others, or superior in other ways— Hitler’s “Aryan supremacy” is simply an extreme example of race superiority (targeted gypsies, Jews, Slavs, homosexuals and people with mental and physical disabilities)— was also political, and organizers and communists were the first attacked— There is no longer such a thing as a pure race—biologists cannot even agree on how many races exist today—estimates range up to 2,000, according to Ashley Montagu (1964) who identified 40 different races—even “one drop of blood” spoiled racial purity in the Old South-- Manuel Castells believes that ethnicity has been a fundamental source of meaning and recognition throughout human history: Ethnicity is a founding structure of social differences, and social recognition, as well as
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