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Health Care FUNCTIONALIST PERSPECTIVE—sickness is a form of deviant behavior (which is a reason sociologists are regarded as crackpots) by Talcott Parsons, who talked about “the sick role” (611)—society has to maintain social control, mostly through doctors, over individuals who enter “the sick role”—the workplace also exerts enormous control by demanding that workers deny illness, as if it were really a role—http://www.ucel.ac.uk/shield/docs/notes_parsons.pdf Looked at in a whole different way, the Gaia theory (named for the ancient Greek earth goddess) developed by scientist James Lovelock says that all parts of the earth (human and physical) are globally interlocked so that a change in one (excess pollution or climate warming, for example) affect all parts, including human health—Lovelock invented in 1957 an electron capture detector (ECD) that was used by Rachael Carson in writing Silent Spring , which
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