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SOCIALIZATION GENDER SOCIALIZATION —this is a very important area of the Postmodern Perspective--contains specific messages about roles based on sex—exhibits what is “acceptable” behavior—begins at birth with heroines/roles/expectations—are there biological dispositions or is everything socialized? Donna Elder (2003) studied gender socialization enforced by peers-- RACE SOCIALIZATION --different behavior patterns for families as socialization agents—specific messages based on race or ethnic status— 1. personal and group identity 2. intergroup and interdivisional relationships 3. position in the social hierarchy Martin Marger (1994):”Fear of, dislike for, and antipathy toward one group or another is learned in much the same way that people learn to eat with a knife or fork rather than with their bare hands or to respect other’s privacy in personal matters.” Ethnic values become set as early as age 4— Socialization is a life-long course anticipatory socialization
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