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THE SOCIOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE HARRIET MARTINEAU (1802-1876)—moved sociology along by including women, the poor, slavery, child-rearing in looking at the consequences of industrialization and capitalism— hid her writings beneath her sewing at first because writing was “masculine” and sewing was “feminine”--first translated and condensed Comte--wrote Society in America (1837) which paid particular attention to issues of class, race and gender—considered the “sufferers,” or people with disabilities, criminals, mentally ill, poor and alcoholic)—advocated gender and racial equality—also translated Comte’s works—she believed that social progress could be hastened by the rise of capitalism and by the spread of democracy—gender equality will promote a better society, and believed that sociology was “the true science of human nature” HERBERT SPENCER (1820-1903)—called by Henslin “the second founder of sociology”— The first book with the term 'sociology' in its title was
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