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SEX AND GENDER Henslin’s introduction is similar to Born Into Brothels , and to Kristoff’s articles on the sex slave trade— Sex and Gender is essentially a specific discussion of nature vs. nurture, or why do people behave the way they do? --really is an epitome of inequality, both in the US and on a global level Sex is biological—does the chromosome difference affect our behavior (are men naturally more aggressive (XX is female, XY is male) Primary sex characteristics: sexual organs related to reproduction Secondary sex characteristics—the physical distinctions between males and females that are not related to reproduction—muscle tone, deeper voice, body and facial hair, breast size, fatty tissue, broader hips Gender is sociological—behaviors, attitudes, stereotypes—you are born with your sex, you learn your gender—reflected in occupations, expectations—women are objectified, with socialization about “the perfect woman” involving weight/appearance/ dress and sexual
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