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SOCIETY, SOCIAL STRUCTURE AND INTERACTION “Life is not fair—should it be? “The development of society is unfortunately the development of inequality.” All activities are social in nature—social interaction is the process by which people act or respond to other people Society=survival (Barry, 2003) because more people are able to accomplish more —the development of society, among other characteristics, is the development of collective action-- Social structure is the complex framework of social institutions—a main area is the sociological imagination: how do social problems originate: with individual failures or bad choices of with distorted social patterns? [See chart on Kendall p. 141]—Mills in his discussion of the sociological imagination raises the same issues Economy Culture Political system Social practices, such as rules and social roles Macrosociology —looking at the big picture—the broad features of society—three of the perspectives are macrosociology—studies large social structures and social
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