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Health Care LIFESTYLE FACTORS—Kendall begins the “private life/public issues” debate by discussing Drug use—a drug is any substance, other than food or water that, when taken into the body, alters its functioning in some way a. Therapeutic drug —taken for a specific purpose, usually under a medical direction or prescription b. Recreational drug —taken to achieve a pleasant physiological sensation—tobacco, alcohol, marijuana—the whole issue of addiction is not discussed as a separate topic: is it biological, psychological, sociological or God’s curse?—clearly sociologists evaluate behavior over which an individual seems to have some control, but addiction is,, by definition, different. Therapeutic drugs can also be addictive, as Rush Limbaugh demonstrates but are regarded differently because they are “legal” and ‘acceptable” 1. Alcohol--Americans consume more alcohol than milk but 10% of the population consumes about 50% of the alcohol—the negative health deficiencies include nutritional deficiencies, cardiovascular problems,
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