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Marriage, Families and Intimate Relationships Marriage —a cultural ritual which varies in different cultures—“legal” marriage represents the control by the state of marriage arrangements, a means for the dominant culture to maintain itself Homogamy —the tendency of people to marry people of the same class/ethnic/race—as a result of propinquity (closeness), or sharing the same channels Cultural changes—first it was inter-racial marriage and now it is gay marriage THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES ON FAMILIES Functionalist Perspective emphasize the importance of the family in maintaining the stability of society—marriage is a microcosmic replica of the larger society—“the family is universal” filling six (according to Henslin, four according to Parsons) basic needs for the survival of society Durkheim—marriage is division of labor contributing to “greater efficiency” in all areas— Parsons—husband/father fulfills instrumental role (earning income, making
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  • marriage THEORETICAL PERSPECTIVES, fulfills expressive role, fulfills instrumental role, channels Cultural changes

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