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Middle Eastern Americans

Middle Eastern Americans - Functionalists— justify a...

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RACE AND ETHNICITY Middle Eastern Americans —became a ferocious issue after 9/11/2001—all of the stereotypes were intensified—clearly a distinct culture (dress/religion/food/gender relations)—perfect example of scapegoats Gay Americans —while not a separate racial or ethnic group, as defined, they are still subject to all of the discrimination and scapegoating and hatreds-- Immigration and exclusion —a major topic as the US economy goes sour DIVERSITY AND MULTICULTURALISM— also called ethnic pluralism—the critical race theory, which is directed at working-class experience—try to reach interest convergence, so that large groups will see it as self-interest to eliminate racial and ethnic conflicts—keep the ruling class in power—formal equality under the klaw does not constitute real equality-- Statistics prove that the US is becoming more racially and ethnically diverse, just as the economy is suffering from its exposure to the global economy— FOUR PERSPECTIVES ON RACIAL INEQUALITY
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Unformatted text preview: Functionalists— justify a hierarchal system as inevitable and functional—after all, who would do the crummy jobs?—in order to maintain a dominant group in power, racial hatred have to be manufactured—scapegoats are helpful in diverting attention from serious social issues—the 2004 elections in the US, with many ballot questions about gay marriage, are a classic example—prejudice becomes irresistible” (Henslin, p. 220)— racial hatred creates group solidarity Functionalists also support assimilation so that the dominant culture remains supreme and unchallenged— structural assimilation , or integration , occurs when members of subordinate groups gain acceptance in everyday social interaction with members of the dominant group--biological assimilation , or amalgamation, is the intermarriage of individuals from different groups— psychological assimilation involves a change in ethnic or ethnic self-identification--...
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  • Fall '10
  • Bernhardt
  • Ethnic group, Critical race theory, racial hatred, RACIAL INEQUALITY Functionalists, scapegoats Gay Americans

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