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Nature vs - CULTURE Nature vs nurture Really an area where...

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CULTURE Nature vs. nurture Really an area where the sociobiologists, theologians and sociologists overlap because they are trying to explain human behavior—why do people act the way they do?-- and in many cases, to change it—only questions, no answers—culture is power and domination, a set of standards that “new” people are expected to observe As individuals grow they absorb, accept, reject and ultimately change the culture that surrounds them—sometimes gradual, sometimes dramatic, but change is the only constant— major socialization which finds conflict as an individual develops her/his own patterns of behavior Also the split between culture and coercion—set up by the nature of the group (voluntary or involuntary) As science improves (more sophisticated microscopes) the controversy over inherited or acquired characteristics becomes more difficult to resolve. In May, 2006, for example, an article described testing the levels of estrogen and testosterone in humans, hormones released by a newly-discovered hormone called kisspeptin. Created by the brain, kisspeptin releases the
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