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CULTURE NATURE The whole issue of tabula rasa is central to culture and socialization—also the discussion of “human nature”—sociologists deny that such a quality exists—discuss predestination as contrary to sociology Instinct —unlearned biologically, common to all members of specie when conditions are the same (spiders spinning webs)—mostly in animals—the great question is what instincts exist in humans Reflex —an unlearned biologically determined involuntary response to some physical stimuli (sneeze Drives —unlearned, biologically determined impulses (sleep, food, sex, water) Humans need a “tool kit” for survival None of these reflexes or drives indicate how people will behave—only socialization— how do you sneeze (tissues, turn away, etc) is a socialized response—to be hungry is biological, the choice of food is socialization—the vegan expression “you are what you eat” really is an expression of socialization, and not just biology
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