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RACE AND ETHNICITY Once again, the nature vs nurture controversy appears—also emphasized by a system of inequality, so that one race cannot be “superior” without another’s being “inferior”—race is different, not better or worse—millions of years of adaptation to climate and interbreeding have created a diversity of “colors and shapes” around the world-- Skin color is biology—there are also other physical characteristics, but the line between physical and social is often blurred—are blacks better athletes due to longer thigh bones, for example, or because they are socialized to see sports as an opportunity for upward mobility? Race is a category of people who have been singled out as superior or inferior, often on the basis of real or imagined physical characteristics such as skin color, hair texture, eye shape—the social references to some of these groups (African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Asian-Americans) shows cultural adaptation as well as background---Native Americans are another group—this is the
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