Or - SOCIAL CLASS IN THE UNITED STATES Or why are people poor Does it matter If so to whom"The history of society is the development of inequality

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SOCIAL CLASS IN THE UNITED STATES Or: why are people poor? Does it matter? If so, to whom? “The history of society is the development of inequality” One of the controlling agents of socialization in any country is class, and especially in the US which has often been called “a classless society”—sociology looks at class, tries to define it in both quantitative and qualitative methods, and tries to evaluate the morality of it—no area is open to greater bias in research as the rich often “hire” experts to justify their position “History is the development of inequality”—refer to p. 187-188 for charts, as distribution of wealth changes and people attitudes toward this unequal distribution—do we get a fair reward for hard work and effort—do the rich deserve to get richer?—Is it inevitable that the rich will get richer? FACTOID—in 2005, the daughters of Sam Walton received $1 billion in dividends—due to changes in income tax, their tax obligation decreased by $ 57 million
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